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We have a passion for our work and we love to finish it off with perfection! Efficient and timely resolution to your problem has always been our commitment. Our main focus is correct issue diagnosis and pinpointing the source of the problem because only then a timely resolution can be provided. Passion, Precision and Pace is what drive us always. Every business, be it big or small needs a robust and stable IT platform to operate. The medium and large enterprises have a dedicated IT team that ensures the IT infrastructure stability. On the contrary, the Small Business, despite of their indispensible need of a stable IT platform can’t afford to maintain a full time IT department as it involves huge operating cost. We realized the importance and need of providing IT Infrastructure Management to the Small business where they can get dedicated IT Infrastructure Management services parallel to the Medium and Large Enterprises. After a lot of research we came up with Shonik Consultancy Services. We are an IT infrastructure Management Company designed specifically to cater to the Small Business. No one understands the IT needs of Small Business like we do!